Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Canadian Crate Engines (CCE) for your performance crate engine needs. Our obligation to you, the customer, is to provide you with a reliable crate engine for installation at your own discretion. All of our performance crate engines carry a 12 month unlimited mile warranty as outlined here. Your engine is designed for a specific application (automotive or marine) and is only covered by this Limited Warranty when used for its specified application.

We reserve the right to substitute parts of equal or greater value in your build, as subject to availability and compatibility with your end application.

Upon receipt of deposit, we will provide you with an estimated date of completion for your engine. This is a best estimate only and not bonding. We will do our best to complete and ship your engine on or before the completion date, but due to circumstances beyond our control there can be delays in the build process, including parts availability, issues with third party suppliers, customer requested changes to builds, and accommodation for special requests.

We are happy to provide any information and instruction on completing a successful installation of your new crate engine in your vehicle. We are not responsible for installing your crate engine in your vehicle, and any issues that arise from improper installation are not covered by our warranty as outlined here. If you are not confident in your ability to install your engine yourself, please contact a licensed mechanic in your area to ensure a trouble free installation.

CCE is not responsible for the costs associated with removing any engine which is to be returned for warranty assessment, nor the shipping costs to return the engine to us.