Stock Replacement Engine Warranty

Your CCE warranty begins when you receive your engine. The warranty period is three years from this date, and includes unlimited kilometres. Please inspect your engine upon receipt and contact us immediately if there has been any damage in transit.

This warranty covers product related to defective material and/or workmanship only, and not replacement or refund of the equipment to which the product may be installed. CCE shall not be responsible for lost profits, sales or income, injury to person or property, towing charges, storage fees, telephone calls, freight, substitute transportation, lodging, unauthorized repairs. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy against CCE for breach of contract, warranty or performance shall be for the repair or replacement as set forth above.

CCE’s warranty does not extend to repairs required because of:

  • Problems caused by parts that are not CCE parts.
  • Damage as a result of Overheating, Lack of Lubrication, Fuel Wash or Contamination.
  • Damage resulting from Pre-Ignition or Detonation including but not limited to melted or broken piston, broken piston rings, damaged cylinder heads, leaking head gaskets, etc. For more information regarding pre-ignition and detonation please contact us directly.
  • Repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse.
  • Repair or replacement of any accessory or service item, including specifically but not limited to: all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical and ignition systems in addition to all belts, hoses and filters.
  • Any product used for competition, racing or related purposes.
  • Any product to which a device or accessory not conforming to original manufacturer’s specifications has been installed.
  • Damage as a result of electrolysis, including but not limited to; deterioration of engine components as a result of excessive electrical current (corroded freeze plugs, head gaskets, cylinder heads or blocks).
  • Improperly maintained or incorrect coolant, and/or any product on which periodic maintenance services required by the original manufacturer have not been performed.
  • Crankshaft Thrust Surface worn due to excessive forward pressure placed on the rear of the crankshaft.
  • Damage resulting from improper repair(s) or attempted repair(s) by any service technician.
  • Leaking carburetors, clogged fuel pipes, sticking valves, or other damage, caused by using contaminated or stale fuel.
  • Parts which are scored or broken because an engine was operated with insufficient or contaminated lubricating oil or an incorrect grade of lubricating oil (check and refill when necessary, and change at recommended intervals). Engine damage may occur if oil level is not properly maintained.
  • Repair or adjustment of associated parts or assemblies such as clutches and transmissions.
  • Damage or wear to parts caused by dirt, which entered the engine because of improper air cleaner maintenance, re-assembly or use of a non-original air cleaner element or cartridge. At recommended intervals, clean and/or replace the filter as stated in the Operator’s Manual.
  • Engine or equipment parts broken by excessive vibration caused by a loose engine mounting, improper attachment of equipment to engine crankshaft or other abuse in operation.
  • Lack of routine tune-up or adjustment of the engine.
  • Engine or engine component failure, i.e., combustion chamber, valves, valve seats, valve guides or burned starter motor windings, caused by the use of alternate fuels such as, liquefied petroleum, natural gas, altered gasolines, etc.
  • Products used in manner that violates the terms of the CCE Owners Manual or is used for purposes other than their original intended use.

CCE at its option will repair or replace a product once it determines that the product is defective. For a product to be determined defective it must be sent to CCE for inspection. CCE will schedule the pickup of the product and pay for its transportation. Any products that are not returned to CCE for inspection will not be covered by this warranty. All repairs and/or replacements to the products must first be authorized by CCE before the repair/replacement takes place. CCE will not pay for any unauthorized repairs. Products sent to CCE for inspection that are deemed not covered by warranty will be held in storage for a period of 7 days. After 7 days, product will be disposed of by CCE. (effective Jan 1, 2019)

Any product replaced under warranty carry the remainder of the original product’s warranty term.

Please view our complete stock replacement engine warranty here. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!